Why You Should Join My Team!!



I have been in Network Marketing for 2 years, and while that may seem fresh, I have established a business model that works for EVERYONE and is easy to duplicate. I have been a 6 figure earner with my previous company, and am on trend to do the same with Maskcara. The only way I can do that is by getting YOU there also, which is a huge motivator for me. 


If you have never done Network Marketing before it can seem scary or overwhelming, I know! I have created and curated the best trainings out there, to run your business in the most NON annoying way possible. Cause let's be honest, that is a huge fear, being that annoying person, right? But, the biggest motivator right now is also to be "that person" that is paying off their mortgage in a year. You can get there, I promise. 


Join Maskcara Beauty

As a previous Wedding Photographer I am really big on having original content for myself and my team to use. You don't want to be posting the same tired material everyone else is, and I use my photography background to create leverage for us!  

I will also walk you through the steps to setting up your own site similar to mine, which with all the changes all the social media platforms are constantly having, having a site is CRUCIAL to making it in this industry. It's not as complicated as it seems, it really is as easy as setting up any other social media account. :)


I am a part of an amazing larger team, and one of our fantastic leaders has had these custom bracelets made for members of our team. They are the FIRST thing you can earn as an artist, and you earn additional charms as you go. On my team you can earn additional bracelets for reaching different milestones, and they are just a really fun way to show off your company and product in a fashionable, trendy way. 

*** Disclaimer. I fully believe as an individual signing up for network marketing, choosing the perfect person to sign up under is the most important choice you will make today. Your "upline" will be a crucial part in your success, and you should vet them the same way you would hiring an employee. I also believe in being honest and fair with each other and I would never want to "steal" you from another Maskcara Artist who may have been working with you on this for a while.  At the end of the day it's your choice and I 100% support your decision for what is best for YOU and YOUR business in who you sign up with and start creating a business with. You should base your choice on:  -Who you feel comfortable with -Who will support you best -Who understands you and your vision for your business -Who has shown an understanding of this industry and in helping OTHERS get ahead, not just themselves, and finally -Who your gut tells you to go with. 

Always listen to your GUT.