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Welcome!! If you are here that means you are on my team, Team Legacy. My name is Kati Powell, and I could not be more excited to have you here! I chose the name Team Legacy because what I hope to get out of this, and what I want you to get out of this, is more than just creating a business. It is more than immediate satisfaction of commission checks and fancy things. What I want for us, is to build a legacy of ourselves. It's more than just about make-up, it is about supporting and encouraging women in all walks of life to believe in themselves of the beautiful woman they are. The cherry on top is that by doing all of that, we also get the potential to earn an amazing income alongside of it. To do it all, seems overwhelming at first, I know. That is why with the help of the gorgeous leaders on my team, I am have creating this training site for you to be able to duplicate the process for yourself without all the guess work. Welcome to the Maskcara Business Prep Academy, and get ready to build your legacy. 

Love, Kati                     


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This is a very comprehensive and in depth guide to starting your maskcara business the right way, and smart way.