Toy Kitchen Sink with Working Faucet!!!

This Toy Sink was Andy's favorite toy this christmas, and for good reason! I think its a normal toddler thing to love playing in water, am I right?

So this sink made the rounds a few months ago in a little viral clip on Facebook. Of course it sold out immediately in stores, Wal-Mart for $15, and then could be found on Ebay for over $50. Insert eye roll. I ended up finding someone local who bought a few as gifts and then didn't use them, so I got one for $25. Deal. Now, if you check amazon, the reviews are HORRIBLE. Terrible. I know why, and I think they are wrong. I wanted to do a review because it really is a cute little toy if you know what to do with it. Here is my review. 

Toy Sink Review

toy sink review

First, its a toy sink, recirculates the water so the faucet always has water coming out. Toddler heaven. The white basin is a lid, to the blue basin that holds all the water. The faucet part comes out, its like a little rectangle shape that holds the motor and shtuff. The batteries go in on the side of the faucet. 

Now, the reviews on Amazon are pretty consistent that the sink stops working after a few uses or days. So you can imagine the day after Christmas when I turned the knob and it didn't work. Noooo!! Curses. I thought it was all for nothing. I left it on the little table we had it on, and an hour later Andy came to play with it. I thought dangit, he's gonna be bummed it doesn't work. He turned the knob and huzzzahhh! It worked. So here is my diagnosis. Its a teeny little motor in a $15 kids toy. You can't expect it to put out a house fire. But, if you turn if off each time you use it(the first time Andy had left it on till the battery died which I am sure overheated the little motor), empty the water each time so the motor isn't sitting with  water in it, and change the batteries when all else fails, it is great! It is a couple weeks after Christmas and its still going strong. 

Sometimes I do have to play with the water volume a little bit, it seems like if it is too full, the motor slows down and can pull up water. It's weird. It has it's kinks. But, Andy absolutely loves it and I think its totally worth it. So in short, I think people just got too impatient and didn't even think to give it a second chance. We would rather replace broken things than fix them, and that's just not fair for this cute little sink who just needs some love. ;)

Click here to order the exact one or here and here are 2 other versions. I don't know how the other versions are, they might be better?

toy sink