GizmoGadget vs DokiWatch

****This was supposed to review these two watches for kids. When I received the Dokiwatches they never worked, they were glitchy at best, their customer service is horrible and only available through email, they took OFF the Amazon Alexa app because it was breaking some privacy law the US has with kids devices, and when I posted or commented on their Facebook page to get help and ask questions they blocked me from their page. When I requested a refund because the products didn't work, I was told no. I finally had to dispute the charges with my bank to get my money back. Every time it tracked one of the watches, it changed where is said the watch was, even though the watch never moved. I am talking MILES away each time. When you called the watch it gave you an error call message and the watch never rang. The video calling has a 10 second lag so it feels like AOL from 1999. DO NOT BUY THE DOKI WATCH!!!

These days we keep track of our kids in much different ways than our parents kept track of us. Some will say its too much, and some will say its not enough, the fantastic part is each mom gets to decide for herself and her kids, what is enough. 

For ME, I wish I could inject a GPS tracker into my kids blood and never lose them again. Who is with me?! K, maybe it's a tad much, but it's alright, I feel good about it. For now, the closest thing I have found is GPS watches!! 

When we first moved into our new home, our kids were all over the neighborhood all day and as awesome as that is, it gave me anxiety not knowing where they are. I mean, they are 5 and 6, that's not weird, right? We have verizon wireless, so we bought their GizmoGadget watches. It was pretty much the best watch on the market for kids to track and call them, until now. The DokiWatch has hit the market and it is giving the GizmoGadget a run for its money.  

We recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, so after 6 months with the GizmoGadget watches, we sold them, ordered the new DokiWatch for both boys, and the battle of the kids smart watches began. 

Que opinions. 

GizmoGadget vs DokiWatch

GizmoGadget vs DokiWatch

GizmoGadget Review

The GizmoGadget retails for $149.99, or $150 (am I the only one who hates when companies do that? So insulting). If you already have Verizon, its only an additional $5 a month for each watch. If you do not have Verizon, you can still use the watches, but each watch will be $15 a month. Here are the basics of what the watch does:

  • Two Way Calling
  • Text Messages To Gizmo, Limited Texts From Gizmo
  • Auto Answer Settings
  • Secure App For Viewing and Settings
  • A Few Games
  • Several Theme Displays
  • Scheduled Silent Mode
  • 10 Contacts Allowed

Two Way Calling & 10 Contacts - You can call the GizmoGadget and it can call you. IF, you are one of the 10 contacts loaded into the phone. You can decide who can call the GizmoGadget, and who the GizmoGadget can call. Up to 10. We never filled all 10. 2 parents, 1 grandma, each other, we barely took up 5 spots. We added their aunts, but they just annoyed my sisters by calling for no reason and just making noises lol. Oops. 

Text Messages - Texts can go to or from the GizmoGadget to or from any of the 10 contacts. Texts to the GizmoGadget can be whatever text you want, but the GizmoGadget can only text back canned responses that you set up. Very limited, but again, It's a 6 year old, he doesn't need to say much. 

Auto Answer Feature - This is BY FAR the biggest feature of the GizmoGadget that hands down beats every other watch out there. You can set it to auto answer, so your kid can't ignore your call!!! lol I can't even tell you if my kids ever actually answered my calls, it rang 3 times and auto answered. lol They hated that. When it auto answers the call, they also can not hang up the call, you have to. The only con in this feature that verizon should change, is when it auto answers, you get 60 seconds to talk and then it hangs up. I don't know why, they claim its a "privacy" issue, but I don't buy it. On my sons very first day on the school bus, I called the watches and when they auto answered I just listened, I wanted to make sure no one was being mean. Yes, I am THAT mom. 

The App - The app is alright. It lags a lot, takes forever to load and save settings, and the worst part for me, was in order to see where your child was, you had to hit the locate button each time and wait up to 2 minutes for it the locate the watch. It isn't a live feed and that part was super annoying. SUPER. But you could set auto track times, like if they get out of school at 3, you could set an alarm for 310 and the app would auto track them at 310 to see if they are on the bus going home. 

Scheduled Quiet Mode - Pretty self explanatory, enter the school start and end times and it will make sure the watch doesn't make any sounds during that time. I can't remember if it disables the phone so your kid can't play on it either, but I wanna say it does. 

Specs - The charge is great. It can last for 2-3 days on a single charge. It uses a standing usb mini charging cord and charges pretty fast also. It is kind of a clunky watch for such little wrists. It is water resistant, so you can wash it and wipe it off when it gets dirty and gross.  

Final thoughts to wrap up the GizmoGadget Review. It does what you need and is the most affordable monthly option. You can't beat $5-$15 a month for a watch that makes phone calls, texts, and GPS location. There are lots of watches that do GPS locating, but they rely on other networks, WiFi, etc., so they aren't as reliable. So if you are looking for the most affordable option that does everything you need or want, the GizmoGadget is your watch. 

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