GizmoGadget vs DokiWatch

GizmoGadget vs DokiWatch - These days we keep track of our kids in much different ways than our parents kept track of us. Some will say its too much, and some will say its not enough, the fantastic part is each mom gets to decide for herself and her kids, what is enough. 

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Kati Powell Comment
Toy Kitchen Sink with Working Faucet!!!

So this sink made the rounds a few months ago in a little viral clip on Facebook. Of course it sold out immediately in stores, Wal-Mart for $15, and then could be found on Ebay for over $50. Insert eye roll. I ended up finding someone local who bought a few as gifts and then didn't use them, so I got one for $25. Deal. Now, if you check amazon, the reviews are HORRIBLE. Terrible. I know why, and I think they are wrong. I wanted to do a review because it really is a cute little toy if you know what to do with it. Here is my review. 

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