How To Get A Maskcara Sample!

So you want a maskcara sample? I know, trust me, you wanna try it before you buy it! Right?! I wish I could be everywhere all the time to personally color match people and do makeovers, but the laws of physics haven't caught up to that yet. So! I am offering a free Maskcara sample to those who are serious about wanting to try it! There is no guarantee on the timeline of when I can get to you, I will do as many as I can a month. If you order a 30 Second HAC brush from me, you WILL be guaranteed a sample immediately so you can try the makeup and the brush within the 30 day refund policy! I really believe the brush can make the difference in an awesome makeup application so that is why I prefer you to have that brush. 

maskcara sample

step 1 - get color matched

Click the link below to get color matched real quick! It is 4 questions about your skin tone, and then it immediately gives you the results. 


Step 2 - order brush

This step is optional, but I just STRONGLY suggest buying this brush. Your brush needs to be able to move a cream foundation on your skin, and most makeup brushes are for liquids. You don't have to, but if you do buy this brush, I will mail you out a sample in a few days!

maskcara sample

step 3 - request sample!

Last step! click below and give me your address so I can send you a sample! I should have your color match results, and I can get your personalized sample whipped up, and mailed out!

maskcara sample