Hello, Gorgeous!

Becoming a Maskcara Artist is one of the BEST things I have done for myself and my family in a loooong time. Well besides going to Disneyland, cause I mean, come on. But in all seriousness, when you think about earning money without leaving the house, Maskcara is the dream. But don’t take my word for, keeping reading and see for yourself. You can also just straight to messaging me, I am cool with that.

Cara Brook Killpack of Maskcara Beauty

How did Maskcara start?

In 2013 when Maskcara Beauty was born, it was exclusively sold online through Cara’s website. With such an amazing product that was flying off the shelves, Cara had several different paths she could take her baby when she was approached by Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Free People, but she decided this could be something bigger than just another product on a store shelf.

Though it would be hard, and take a lot of care, she decided to launch her line and company into direct sales.

This is where YOU come in. This chance is for you. To change your life, to make something more than maybe you feel like you have. To contribute financially in a way you only imagined. To build a community of like minded women who work hard to better each others lives. This is a chance for many things, it is a chance to be a part of something bigger. Something more full.

So get out there, Gorgeous. We are waiting for you.

What makes Maskcara different ?


Company Fulfilled Orders

Other direct sales companies require you to purchase your inventory beforehand and ship it out yourselves. This requires you to turn your house into your own personal postal service/warehouse. Maskcara is amazing because you literally do not have to even touch the product. It’s easy as one, two, three. Have your customers go to your site, place their order, and it is shipped directly to them! No hassle for you or your customers.

The App

Maskcara provides an integrated way for its artists to always be in touch with what is going on. When you sign up as an artist you are given a login to the Maskcara app where you will find EVERYTHING to help you get started! Personalized training, resources, and more all at your fingertips wherever you may be! The app is also used for company announcements so you are regularly in the loop and there is no miscommunication.


Infinite Downline Bonus

Besides having an amazing compensation plan in the first place, Maskcara is more than generous with their artists commissions. You don’t stop earning on line three, four and so on. You can earn forever! That means if you sign on NOW with only a little over 3,000 artists, imagine how many people you will be earning commissions on in a year from now? The growth and earnings are immeasurable!

Controlled Recruiting

Maskcara cares about their customers as well as their artists. They never want to put either of them in a situation where they can not provide the best products and the best customer service on the market. By temporarily putting stops on recruiting this not only helps with inventory control but always ensures that the company is able to provide all the needs for their current artists.


Exclusive Customers

In a world of social media you can hop on your phone and find 20 different stores with the same shirt at different price points. Someone who bought from you yesterday can go out and buy from Sally down the street the next. Maskcara provides EXCLUSIVE customers so this cannot happen. Once someone buys from you, they are your customer FOR LIFE! So months down the road when they need to order refills or new colors, they sign on, order and you get notified of the sale. It’s a promised way to create residual income.

Pay Increase with Rank

In most direct sales companies ranks are just a title, but at Maskcara ranks mean pay raises! Your commission percent goes up with each rank so the higher you get the more you earn.


No Inventory

Because you don’t have to collect your own stock you are not going into debt buying product you don’t need. Your only ongoing expense is $9.95 for the amazing personalized website. You don’t have to buy postage, mailers, brochures, packaging, etc. You literally just get to promote and wear the product and get paid to do it.

Amazing Company

Cara’s mission is to empower women, whether that be her customers or her artists. She is consistently making her brand and messaging better. Weekly webinars and trainings, hostess incentives extended to artists, and more. She wants to provide the best experience possible and truly cares about each and every one of her artists. Once you join, you will be added to a Facebook group that includes everyone in the company, including Cara.


So how do you make money?

Maskcara Commission Bonuses

Like most direct sales companies you have 2 avenues of income, sales & building a team. With sales you earn a commission on every sale that comes through your link or from previous customers.

To the right (or below) is the commissions structure for your sales. What is important to note is that while the marks to hit for certain percentages may be a little higher than others, the company is doing all the work. If you are getting 30% commissions, it's an even 30% right off the top. No costs that dig into your profit, no time spent packaging orders.


Let's compare to another direct sales model where YOU buy the inventory and fulfill orders.


Customer places an order for $25

Maskcara fulfills it, you get a check for $5-10. That's a profit of 20-40%.


Customer places an order for $25

You buy it for $12.50-$20
(let's assume $12.50)
Buy a mailer $1
Buy cute packaging and marketing $1
Buy postage $3
Drive to post office $1

You spent $18.50 to fulfill the order leaving you a MAX profit of $6.50. That means your MAX POTENTIAL PROFIT is ACTUALLY 25%.

You decide which scenario is better. 😉 

How much does it cost to sign up?

The most important thing I want you to know about joining Maskcara is that it is set up in a referral payment structure. That means, all you have to do is promote the amazing products, bring the customers to your maskcara provided site, and once they buy, you get paid. Simple. Maskcara handles the rest, the order, shipping, exchanges, etc.. All that is required to become an Artist is to purchase a demo kit. Both of these kits come with amazing product and the same marketing materials. It is up to you to decide which kit will work best for you. The product in this kit will be yours to use personally or during demos and makeovers. Remember, this is the only investment you will need to make into your business. No monthly inventory orders, no shipping costs, etc.. $199 could be the only thing keeping you from literally a 6 figure salary. 

Both kits include:

THE ESSENTIALS - Marketing Materials

25 Catalogs, 25 Host Brochures, 25 Opportunity Brochures, 50 Order Forms, 75 Postcards

The Basics Kit  $199

Maskcara Basic Artist Kit

18 IIID Foundation Singles

1 Powder Single

2 Brushes + 1 Perfector

3 Compacts

Makeup Remover Wipes

The Pro Kit  $399

21 IIID Foundation Singles

12 Eyeshadow Singles

2 Powder Singles

6 Brushes + 1 Perfector

4 Compacts

Makeup Remover Wipes

Milk Moisturizing Cream

20 Temporary Tattoos

Maskcara Pro Artist Kit

A's to your Q's


Guess what?! Most of us don't!! Maskcara is so new to this, which kind of means we are paving the way for the rest of the company. MLM's aren't what they used to be, so I can promise that any preconceived ideas you have about doing this, are probably wrong. Maskcara is all about having our cake and eating it too! Maskcara took all the good stuff about MLM's and got rid of all the bad, negative stuff.  If you have never been a part of a company like this, it might be easier to chat on the phone about it, because reading the rest of these questions might not make sense to you and I definitely don't wanna confuse you! So if you wanna chat, click here and schedule a time to to hop on a phone call, and I apoligize in advance if during the call you hear fake fart noises or cartoons blaring in the background. #momlife. 

I don't know anything about MAKEUP, can I still do it?

Yes! Maskcara was made for women who "aren't makeup people" in the first place! Don't be intimidated, although I know you will be, everything you need to know, I will teach you and it takes no time at all. It's not some intensive training program, that would be scary. lol

How much of an investment is it?

To me this is the best part, after your initial investment of $199 or $399 for a kit, your only out of pocket expense is the $9.95 for the personalized site you used by Maskcara. THAT'S IT!! There is no inventory, no mailing fees and supplies, no overhead, none of that! Once you make back your money from your kit, you are 100% in the green.  

Are there minimums and requirements I have to meet? 

Yes and no. Like any 9-5 job, if you want to earn an end of year bonus, you need to hit certain requirements or go above and beyond. All MLM's have certain requirements for certain things, but the good thing about Maskcara is that if you aren't able to do any of it for any reason any month, nothing happens!! You aren't in trouble, you certainly aren't fined, and nothing happens. The only time you need to start paying attention to any of it is if you start to build a team and want to earn commissions on your team, but by that point you won't have any problem hitting the low qualifications we do have. I pride myself as a team leader in that I NEVER EVER pressure you to do anything simply for my benefit or any of your other upline's benefits. When people do that, it gives companies a bad name. Your journey with Maskcara is about you, and you should never worry about what people above you need you to do. 

How much do i make on sales?

20-40%!! And that is a clean 20-40% off the top. No taking fees out, no costs, nothing. You get a full 20-40% of the full retail price of the sale. Its bomb.com. 

Do I need to sign up under someone local to me?

No! And truthfully that should never be a factor in considering who to sign up under. You need to sign up under someone who believes in you, and who is committed to helping you succeed at your own pace, not theirs. There are a lot of people in the MLM industry that have selfish motives and use people under them to get there, and that's another thing that gives good companies a bad name. At the end of the day, listen to your gut. Hopefully you have a good gut. :)

Do I have to host parties?

Nope. We don't even like to refer to our events as parties, people are sick of those, we call our events Contour Classes. You for sure don't HAVE to do them, lots of artists do this business simply by word of mouth and social media posts, Contour Classes are just an extra way to get ahead and be successful. It's up to you and your comfort level. 90% of Maskcara Contour Classes are done online, so you can do them anywhere  and anytime. 

What's next?

I believe in this company with everything I am and I know with a little motivation and work, we can all live the life we have always dreamed of. I've always believed strongly in empowering women and inspiring confidence (it's what I did in my portrait business after all!), and this company aligns so deeply with my life mission that I can't help but believe in it!


You'll want to click the button above and then choose 'Become An Artist' in the menu. If you need it, my Artist ID # is 6406.

Maybe you aren't quite ready yet? And you want to talk a little bit more about what this opportunity is like... I gotchyoo covered for that too. Let's talk. No pressure, no obligation.