Maskcara Compensation plan

Maskcara Compensation Plan

You’ve heard about Maskcara, right? You have seen it on your Instagram feed and are intrigued by the business and how much fun the artists seem to have. But, is the Maskcara business the right thing for you? Let’s look at the Maskcara Compensation plan and see if this piece of the puzzle fits for you!

Infinite Downline bonus

This is by far the best part about Maskcara Compensation plan, and what really got my attention. Most companies have a comp plan and they cap it out either on width or on depth. Width is how many people you can personally sign up, and depth is how many of your "grandkids" you will be paid on. The standard is 5 lines down. This means when someone signs up on your 6th line, you make $0. It really kinda stinks. With Maskcara, once you hit the rank of Influencer, you will earn an ADDITIONAL 2-4% on your ENTIRE TEAM. Lines 1-9999999.  You may think 2% is nothing, but our teams are starting to do close to 1 million in sales each month. 2% of 1 million is $20,000 A MONTH in addition to your original downline commission. This single aspect of the Maskcara Compensation plan makes it leaps and bounds better than anything else. 

Higher downline commission

With just the basic Maskcara compensation plan, you can earn up to 24% on your first line teamies. That is unheard of. Most companies I see are 5-10% and it goes down from there. Maskcara has a higher starting point, starting at 8% on your first line, up to 18%. I know, the numbers and details can get confusing and hazy, so I like to break it down and combine what I can to make it make more sense. ;)


With the Maskcara compensation plan you can give yourself a raise! When you start ranking as your team grows, the percentage that you will earn on each line starts to go up. This means ranking actually means something! It's not just a title or status label, it pays to rank. 

Back pay

Back pay is one of my FAVORITE parts of the Maskcara compensation plan.  With Maskcara its based on monthly sales, and on the 10th of each month, you get paid for the previous month. But. Maskcara pays us every friday, 20% of our sales for the previous week. Who wants to wait a month between paychecks?! But let's say on the 30th of the month, your sales tipped you over into the 30% commission bracket? Most companies will then pay you 30% on your sales from the 30-31st, and thats it. Maskcara actually will back pay you 10% of your sales for the ENTIRE MONTH, even though you didn't hit the 30% mark until the end. How awesome is that? So the money you get(electronically BTW) on the 10th, will have the difference in backpay for the previous month.