Color Match:

Cinnamon / Indigo

What a dark gorgeous beauty you are!

Based on your answers, you are the deepest dark skinned. Cinnamon will likely be your perfect highlight shade. It is designed for beautiful dark skin tones. The best contour shade for you would be Indigo, but know that contour shades are a lot more subject to personal preference. Don't panic if neither of these two shades look like "your shade". Remember with Maskcara you want a shade lighter, and a few shades darker. Trust me, it'll all blend out in the end. :)


Blush and illuminator shades are totally based on personal preference! If we were to recommend, we'd say Rose Gold illuminator and Black Cherry blush.


There are a few options to getting started with your kit! You can shop directly on my website or you can contact me to purchase any of these starter packages at a special price (not available on the website!)