How to use your Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials!

Hello Hello fellow Artist!!! 

K let's get right to the point, you signed up as a Maskcara Beauty Artist and received 2 packages in the mail. 1, with all the amazing makeup, and a second one with a ton of paper materials, your Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials. You probably thought, what the crap am I going to do with all of this?! Well I will tell you! Because I definitely thought the same thing. I thought come on, it's a digital world, this is totally a waste of trees. Duh. 


After a few months longer than I would have liked, I figured out fantastic ways to use my Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials. First, here is what you should have gotten:

Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials

25 Catalogs, 25 Host Brochures, 25 Opportunity Brochures, 50 Order Forms, 75 Postcards.

It's a lot, but once you start using them you realize its really not enough and you will totally order more, I promise! 

Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials

The Order Forms

These are MY FAVORITE THING out of the whole kit and I can not express it enough, you NEED these. I use these every time I do an order in person. EVERY TIME. If someone comes over to my house for a makeover and wants to order, I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT just text them my link and send them on their way. I grab a form, fill in the items, have them fill out the top and bottom, and then boom, send them on their way. So many reasons this is best. 1, you know for sure they are going to order because basically they just did. 2, you can control which party the order goes under without having to even tell them its under a party. 3, Even though the new site is awesome, its still just easier for them to do it on the spot with me than get online later. I also LOVE these when I do events like Bridal Fairs. It is SO much faster than logging into the site on their phone or yours to do it on the spot, and again, you get the sale right there instead of hoping they remember to do it later. THESE ARE GOLD. 

The Catalogs, Party and Artist Flyers

These took me a bit to find a good use for, but I did! When I send samples(tutorial coming soon), I include all three of these! The best part, I go through the catalog and on every other page, I write them a note or circle an item I think they would love. It's so personalized to them and they feel super taken care of. I also send these to people who came for a makeover that DIDN'T order. It is also a fantastic way to get current customers to see what else Maskcara Beauty has to offer. So if I have a customer who only bought a palette, and every couples months orders a refill, I will send her a catalog and circle a brush she might like, write about a different blush color she could try, etc. The biggest thing I want to tell you about these catalogs is that they are generically branded. So on the back in big blank section, put YOUR url and artist ID #. Either write it, or print it on a sticker label and slap it on. 

So there ya go! Your Maskcara Marketing Materials are gold. Do not throw them away lol. The only thing I have not found the perfect use for is the postcards. :/ If you have a good idea for the postcards, drop a comment below and let me know! I would love to add it!