How to fit your friends and family into your Network Marketing business | Maskcara Beauty

Hey fellow network marketer! 

If you are reading this post, chances are you are a Maskcara Beauty Artist, but there is also a chance you are with another network marketing company. Either way, welcome. :) 

The first hesitation women always have about joining network marketing is the worry that they will annoy their friends and family with the business and opportunity. I get it! Seriously, I started the same way all of you. The best way to NOT be annoying, is to figure out where each person in your life will fit in to your business. Some you will just know how involved they will be, and others you'll guess. Some will move around this chart and switch roles sometimes, but either way its a good place to start. 

For this example I am using Maskcara Beauty because obviously that's where I am at! But the principles and ideas apply to all I am sure. Almost every woman in your life should fit into one of these categories and that will help you determine the level of involvement, and the ways you do or do not want to contact them. If you have a relationship that just does not fit into any of these roles, drop a comment below and explain it to me! I would love to help and possibly add to this little graphic if there is something I missed. :)

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