What my Husband thinks about me joining Maskcara Beauty

I signed up with Maskcara Beauty before I talked to my husband about it. I know, naughty wife, blah. So when I told my husband a few days later, I just word vomited all the good things and reasons he will be supportive. You have to understand, my husband is as skeptical as they get about pretty much everything. He humored me, said sure sure, go ahead yada yada. 

I know when joining a company, for women who are married, what your husband thinks is a pretty important deciding factor. I could go on forever about all the reasons he won't mind, and eventually love it, but I thought it would be more beneficial to have my own husband talk about it. So I asked him a series of questions, that I hope your husband can feel understood by and reassured about it. 

What was your first thought when I told you I joined/or wanted to join a network marketing company? Aren't you busy enough as a successful photographer and Mom of 3 boys?

Did you think it was going to end up being a waste of money? Yes. 

Did you think I was just going to end up spending a ton of money, going into debt, and not make a return? You have nailed the first part ;) but I didn't know what to expect. It is nice not to have see money go out every month in order to see money come in. 

Did you think there was a "catch" when I told you all the awesome things about Maskcara and why it wouldn't be like the other kind of MLM's? After seeing all the "catches" with Senegence I honestly didn't think it would be any different, just different catches. 

Was there a catch? So far, nope. ("so far" is 1 year in)

Do you regret that I signed up with Maskcara? Not at all. 

Do you wish I would have done it sooner? You mean like 3 months cause that's all you could have... Honestly though, what you learned at Senegence made you better at succeeding with Maskcara. You learned why a company like that is destined to stop growing and why Maskcara had more potential.

What would you tell another husband who's wife is wanting to join Maskcara? Let her do it if she is willing to work hard and you are willing to support her, you won't regret it.