Why I bought a big house

We bought a big house. Obviously, that's the title of this blog post. You see, we had an ok sized house before. It was about 1750 sq ft, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a big backyard, it was an amazing starter home. Truthfully we could have stayed in that house a few more years. But, we bought a big house. 

I keep saying that, and I want you to know its not to brag or boast about it. There really is a point to this, I promise. 

When we walked through this home the first time, we went through the first floor, made our way up to the second, went through the master, the bedrooms, etc. We came to the last bedroom on the second floor, and it was HUUUUGE. It is a massive bedroom. It is longer than our master bedroom. They call it a bonus room, although I don't know why because it has a closet and everything for a bedroom. Anyway, I know most people, my husband included, would look at this room and say it would be a great toy room, or a fun bedroom for the boys. But me. I looked at this huge room and thought, "I could fit 2 foster teens in here."

Every since I was a teenager, I have had it in my heart that I would foster teens when I was able to. No, I was never in foster care, but I went to a school where a lot of my friends were in the system. A lot of them stayed at school later, or hung out at the park with other students because they didn't want to go home, to their foster homes. The teachers at this school did an amazing job of being a safe home away from home, but I thought for myself, I want to give them a loving and supportive home. 

In my mind, teenagers in foster care are at such an important and pivotal time in their lives. They are at a time where love and support could make them, and the lack of it could break them. In a few short years they will age out of the system and have no support, no family, no safe place to go, and that breaks my heart every time I think about it. 

So. When I saw this big room that would easily fit 2 beds, I was sold. The house was already ours in my mind. I hadn't even begun to image the potential of the unfinished basement. 

No, this isn't an announcement, we don't have a foster teen living with us, I just wanted to put it out there and hold myself accountable to my goals. We don't have a timeline of when we will officially become foster parents, it is quite a lengthy process. But it is in our future. I sometimes have to force myself not to think about it, because knowing that the teens that will be in our home in the future, are probably in bad situations at this very moment will just make me crumble into a million pieces. 

If you haven't thought about it before, think about if you have it in your heart and your home to be involved in foster care.