How To Prepare For A Maskcara Convention

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I was super lucky enough to attend Shine, Maskcara Beauty's launch party and first convention. It was so fun, so cool, so awesome, so everything. But, there are some takeaways from my experience I want to share and help you prepare for the upcoming convention, Dream!

This is Business. I know, Maskcara loves a good party, and everything they do is fun and awesome, but, this is an event to propel your business forward, and you need to take it seriously. Will there be music, dancing and treats? Heck yes. But there will also be speakers, lessons, inspiration, business strategies, networking, and so many other wonderful things you need to be focused on. 

Your bag needs to be full of stuff.  When I went to Shine, I just brought a notebook and my purse. BIG MISTAKE. I wrote a list of things I wish I had brought, just so I would bring them the next year. 

Maskcara Convention

1. A notebook. Obvious reasons. Even if you aren't writing down something the person is saying, chances are you will get your own inspiration and ideas flowing and you'll want to write them down because you WILL forget. Remember, this is BUSINESS. Don't be afraid or ashamed to be that girl that shows up with a laptop ready to take notes, you can sit by me cause lordie knows I am bringing mine! 

2. A water bottle. You do not want to leave the maskcara convention to get a drink. That is just silly. I filled mine with Coke. Sue me. 

3. Your phone, a battery pack, and cord. If you have a team with Maskcara, you will want to broadcast live, or record some of the trainings. You need your phone to do that, and the battery pack so you can do it all day. There are lots of battery packs out there now, you can get them for as little as 5 bucks, just make sure they hold enough charge. This is the battery pack I have, it does 4 full charges and has 2 ports so I can share it with a sad friend whose phone died. :(

4. A selfie light. Duh-huh. You will see lots of artists that up until now you have only seen through facebook, and group selfies run rampant at a maskcara convention. Love the photos, bring a selfie light. This is the light I have. 

5. Other things not pictured, snacks, cash (in addition to credit cards), headache medicine, good shoes, several pens, and a really big purse. 

Get OUT THERE, Gorgeous. This is not just a cute catch phrase of ours, you really do need to get out there. Conventions are for trainings, and networking. The more you know, the more you grow, and that includes the more PEOPLE you know. If you have been following a fellow artist on instagram or facebook, go say hi! Don't be shy, don't be afraid, use this time to grow more a part of the company than you ever could online. 

When it's time to party, PAR-TEE. This is business, so much of the time, this is business. But. When the lights go down and the sparkles come out, LET LOOSE! Throw caution to the wind and shake whatchyo momma gave ya. When do we ever get the chance to dance like no one is watching in a place where everyone else is also dancing like no one is watching?! Take advantage. Sweat. Twerk. Break it down. Whatever the kids are doing these days, do it and have fun. 

Ride the high. I used to go to conferences all the time when I was a professional photographer, and if you do it right, the high you get coming home from a conference can last you a long time. Take advantage of that momentum, the benefits of a maskcara convention will last longer than the convention. When you get home, GET TO WORK. Read your notes, implement your ideas,  do the work and get ahead. 

See ya at Dream. ;)

Comment below if you are going to Dream and say hi!