Senegence Brush Cleaner vs. Maskcara Restore Brush Cleaner

Maskcara vs Senegence

If you are looking for my thoughts on Senegence Brush Cleaner vs. Maskcara Brush Cleaner, you are in the right place! huzzzah!

And yes I know, some of you might be surprised I am talking about a Senegence product, and believe me, I am also. BUT! Here is how this post started. 

At the Maskcara Beauty leaders retreat I attended, I got a very quick glance at the new brush cleaner. Literally like 1 minute I had with it. I was not impressed. At all. Insert sad faces. It smelled amazing! But it was not cleaning brushes to my standards. 

Now, I am very firm in my belief that if I don't represent the best products, I will at least find it and give it credit. So I reached to a Senegence Distributor and asked if she would be interested in a post comparing the two cleaners with the assumption that Senegence's brush cleaner was going to come out on top. She agreed, mailed me the cleaner, and I ordered the Maskcara Brush Cleaner as well. 

Fast forward to mail day, wooooot!! For a hot second I was conflicted about doing this post, because after playing with the Maskcara Beauty Brush Cleaner, I actually did end up liking it. But, then I tried the Senegence Brush Cleaner, and I liked that one, too!!! 

What is a girl to do?!?!

After I ran through all the reasons I like and dislike each one, I realized they are both great products that serve different types of customers! So without further boringness, here is my review of both products, and who would want each one!

Senegence Brush Cleaner

Senegence Brush Cleaner vs. Maskcara Brush Cleaner

The Cost category its a wash, ba dam psh!  No really though, cost per ounce they are the same. 

Scent! I was pleasantly surprised that the Senegence Cleaner smelled like Dove products. Very light, and sweet. 

Efficiency. This is where the 2 products are for different people. Senegence Brush Cleaner is great for those who want to get their brushes as close to brand new as possible. You mix it with water and then swoosh your brushes around in it, so it gets every inch of your brush.  Wipe it on a paper towel to remove water, and let them air dry. 

Dry Time, is the second biggest difference. Senegence Brush Cleaner does take a couple hours to dry. So if you are doing makeovers at an event, or something where you are putting make up on a lot of people in a short amount of time, this wouldn't work.  It's great for those who wanna clean it and forget it! 

Maskcara Brush Cleaner

Senegence Brush Cleaner vs. Maskcara Brush Cleaner

Cost, see above. Duh. 

Scent, so fun! We have a Vanilla one, and one that we can only seem to describe as cotton candy. 

Efficiency. Maskcara Brush Cleaner's main focus is sanitizing, and conditioning the bristles so your brushes last longer. So in those categories, its bomb efficient. I was disappointed that my brushes still had color on them, I wanted them to be fresh and white again. But, as a Maskcara Beauty Artist I am doing makeovers on women a lot, especially at events, and sanitizing between uses is HAA- YUUUGE. 

Dry Time, this is the other must have for a Maskcara Beauty Artist, its gotta dry fast. I can't wait hours for brushes to dry and that is where the Restore brush cleaner shines.

Pro's and Con's To Each

Before I used these products, I used dish soap. Eeks. I know, don't judge. #momlife, remember? Both of these are leaps and bounds better than using anything like that. Senegence brush cleaner IS blue, which makes me leary with white bristles. I used Cinema secrets cleaner once, which is also blue, it dyed my white bristles blue AND eroded the glue and made the bristles fall out, so never use that one! Cons to the Restore Cleaner, it does take a few minutes longer to clean your brushes. You spray it on the brushes, then wipe it back and forth on a paper towel until it's clean. Pro's, it lasts forever because you only spray what you need. Sengence's is a mix with water kind, so you never really know how much to use. Pro's to Senegence, if you know a Senegence Distributor or become one, you can get it for almost 50% off the retail price. Pro's to the Restore Brush Cleaner, it actually conditions your brushes and makes them last longer. It's got loads of yummy healthy oils that treat the bristles like it's their birthday.


Final Thoughts

They are both great products! I will use both for sure! Each of them excel in different situations so pick which benefits are most important to you, and you will know which product to buy, or both! To order the Restore Brush Cleaner, click here.  To order the Senegence Brush Cleaner (from the distributor mentioned in this post, I am not a distributor), find her info here.