How being a part of an MLM saved my life

MLM Mom Boss - MLM Saved my Life

I know that seems weird to say, or like I’m going to go into a long shpeal about how good the money is, but it’s nothing like that. 

You see. 2 years ago I was an exhausted wedding photographer, wife and mom. Being a wedding photographer, my whole life was spent on social media. Networking. Making friends with much younger ladies in hopes they’d hire me to shoot their future wedding.  It was constant and so exhausted. I loved what I did most of the time, but I felt spread too thin.   

I also felt like my entire social life, was on my phone. My friends were all just facebook friends, and if I wanted to talk politics or hot topics, I went to Facebook. Being without my phone longer than 5 minutes would make me feel lonely. 

Enter an MLM. Something I swore up and down I would never do. I had such amazing success and created so many new friendships with people I genuinely cared about. Social media now for me, was 100% business. I didn’t have to pretend to be friends with people, or keep up social appearances so I was “cool enough”, I couldn’t have cared less about those things. The only time I got on Facebook, was to work. To train my team. Answer questions. Promote product. Do fun giveaways and talk to amazing women. What naturally started to happen was the more I stopped using social media to be social, the more my real life became social. I hung out with neighbors, had conversations on the phone with real friends. Planned fun things to do with my kids. 

Because of an MLM I put the phone down more, and started to live my life. It had nothing to do with the money, although I won’t lie it’s amazing, but it forced me to stop living my life online. 

I will forever be grateful for that, if nothing else.