Designing Your House as a Mom of Boys

Mom of Boys Home Decor

You, are a mom of boys. Trust me, it takes a strong woman to be a mom of boys. They are the best thing to ever happen to you, but the worst thing to ever happen to your house. They can produce smells that no one can describe, and they have an amazing ability to track dirt all over your house from every place in their body. All, without trying. Amazing little creatures our boys are, am I right?


They are dirty, and dirty doesn’t mix well with pretty. You want a pretty house. A nice house. A CLEAN house. But, again, you have boys. It has taken me a few years of being a mom of boys to figure what to buy and what not to buy for the home in order to have the best of both worlds.

Tip ONE: Choose leather, not fabric. When I say leather, I of course mean inexpensive vinyl or the like. I was once told to get microfiber couches, “it cleans so well” they said. They, were wrong. It is the WORST to try to clean. You have to use rubbing alcohol and sponges and brushes and AGH!! It is too much. leather/vinyl, wipes off. Doesn’t stain(unless its pen, and even then you can get it out), doesn’t soak anything in, and all you need to clean it is a wipe. You can buy very modern and cool leather couches, and you can add all the pillows and blankets to it that you want. WIN.

Leather Couch for Mom of Boys
Leather Couch not Microfiber

Tip TWO: Speaking of pillows, always buy throw pillows that have removable cases, and are machine washable, for obvious reasons. Check the back of the pillow for the zipper, or the sides for a flap. If you can remove the case, you can’t buy the pillow. White is the BEST color to have with boys, and once again, I know! It sounds crazy. But BLEACH will be your best friend. My whites stay white and bright for a long time and trust me, they get dirty, remember, mom of boys over here? WIN.

Throw Pillows with Removable Covers

Tip THREE: Do not buy the fancy shmancy looking high chair that “grows” with them or whatever crap they are marketing with. I got news for you, they go from high chair to chair, end of story. No need to transition, there are no steps involved, its boom to boom. Don’t over complicate things.  Now, I had the fisher price high chair that is pretty popular, and I HATED it. Food and drinks would get stuck in the fabric cover, which you can take off to clean which is a plus, but somehow even with this cover on, food and stuff gets UNDER the cover and gets into the cracks of the chair. Also you have to take up a chair to use the chair, since it has no legs. MY highchair, this pretty vintagey wood one, I love. When it gets dirty, I take it out back, spray 409 on it, let it sit for a minute, then I hose it off with the highest sprayer on the nozzle, place it in the sun and its dry in 10 minutes. Every nook and cranny, everything. The FP one is a pain to do that with because you have to unstrap it from the chair its one, wash the cover seperately, wash the high chair AND the regular chair cause remember it gets everywhere, its just not worth it. Plus, the vintage style one is much cooler.

Vintage High Chair
Vintage High Chair instead of Fisher Price High Chair

Tip FOUR: See Tip 1. No joke, you guys. Vinyl/Leather is going to be your BFF for life. Or at least until they turn 18. Well no scratch that because then they will get married and give you grandbabies and you will basically start the process over, so for LIFE. ESPECIALLY in the kitchen. I wanted nice looking chairs for the counter eating place. Not just lame stools, It needed to have a back, and I wanted armrests. But it HAD to be vinyl. I found these chairs online but didn’t want to spend that much per chair, and then luckily a few days later someone was selling a pair on KSL for cheap.

Vinyl Kitchen Chairs for Mom of Boys

ip FIVE: Area rugs are your friend, and so is plastic. These white chairs are making the rounds in all the prettiest houses, and for good reason! They are cool, comfy, and they clean so easy. Grab some goof off, a scrub daddy, and these suckers look brand new each time.

Area rugs are a must as a mom of boys. Dirt, spills, grease, all of it! Will take its toll on your carpet. Area rugs are cheap, bring a room together, and protect the carpet underneath.

Throw Rugs in living room for mom of boys