A Loving Divorce

I get it, the title seems weird. How can you call a divorce loving? If you choose to get divorced with love instead of hate, you can. I believe society has programmed us that divorce has to be ugly, it has to be because two people just can’t stand each other anymore, it HAS to be done in hate.

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How to use your Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials!

K let's get right to the point, you signed up as a Maskcara Beauty Artist and received 2 packages in the mail. 1, with all the amazing makeup, and a second one with a ton of paper materials, your Maskcara Beauty Marketing Materials. You probably thought, what the crap am I going to do with all of this?! Well I will tell you! Because I definitely thought the same thing. I thought come on, it's a digital world, this is totally a waste of trees. Duh. 

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Types of Maskcara Customers

Whether you are on my team, or someone elses, I hope you find some useful info here to help you on your way. As a Maskcara Artist you know there are different reasons why a customer wants to buy Maskcara. As a Maskcara Artist its your job to figure out what those reasons are, and help them through the process in the best possible way, for THEM. It's not about manipulating them, or just trying to get the sale, its truly about figuring out the best products for them and helping them realize their perfect beauty.

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What my Husband thinks about me joining Maskcara Beauty

I know when joining a company, for women who are married, what your husband thinks is a pretty important deciding factor. I could go on forever about all the reasons he won't mind, and eventually love it, but I thought it would be more beneficial to have my own husband talk about it. So I asked him a series of questions, that I hope your husband can feel understood by and reassured about it. 

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Toy Kitchen Sink with Working Faucet!!!

So this sink made the rounds a few months ago in a little viral clip on Facebook. Of course it sold out immediately in stores, Wal-Mart for $15, and then could be found on Ebay for over $50. Insert eye roll. I ended up finding someone local who bought a few as gifts and then didn't use them, so I got one for $25. Deal. Now, if you check amazon, the reviews are HORRIBLE. Terrible. I know why, and I think they are wrong. I wanted to do a review because it really is a cute little toy if you know what to do with it.

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Mom Life Has Me Like....

Am I the only mom that gets completely unreasonable when I think I've lost a kid?! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ My oldest are 5 and 6, going on about 12 and 21. They roam the neighborhood with their friends and luckily with winter that has slowed down A LOT.


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Designing Your House as a Mom of Boys

You, are a mom of boys. Trust me, it takes a strong woman to be a mom of boys. They are the best thing to ever happen to you, but the worst thing to ever happen to your house. They can produce smells that no one can describe, and they have an amazing ability to track dirt all over your house from every place in their body. All, without trying. Amazing little creatures our boys are, am I right?

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Why I quit being a Wedding Photographer

After 7 years, I have quit being a Wedding Photographer.

It used to be when you told people you were a Wedding Photographer, it was impressive. Like you were a creative genius that people wanted to be besties with. I never thought I would quit being a wedding photographer, but then again I never saw myself AS a wedding photographer in the first place.

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Maskcara Color Matching

Maskcara Color Matching!!! Ok ladies!!! So you are sold, you want to give Maskcara a try. SWEET! The BEST way to get the best colors nailed down, is to contact me! I personally look at your gorgeous face and tell you what my best thoughts are. But, I get it, sometimes you just don’t want to. You want to click, click, click, ORDER. So here is a quick guide to color match yourself and hurry and get your Maskcara goodies in the mail.

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How being a part of an MLM saved my life

I know that seems weird to say, or like I’m going to go into a long shpeal about how good the money is, but it’s nothing like that. 

You see. 2 years ago I was an exhausted wedding photographer, wife and mom. Being a wedding photographer, my whole life was spent on social media. Networking. Making friends with much younger ladies in hopes they’d hire me to shoot their future wedding.  It was constant and so exhausted. I loved what I did most of the time, but I felt spread too thin.   

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