I am a mom, who got tired of seeing “#momlife” all over social media that actually, was nothing like real mom life.

About Kati

Legal Secretary. Personal Trainer. Wedding Photographer. Mother. I have had many “jobs” if you want to call them that. I can’t stay in one place too long, and rearranging the furniture is a semi-annual event at my house. But for one reason or another, doing what I am doing now, is what I feel called to. Whether it’s helping amazing women see their true gorgeousness, or supporting my growing team of beautiful women change their lives, I am going to make sure I never look back wishing I would have done more. 

I swore up and down, sideways and backwards that I would never do an MLM. I would NEVER be one of those people. I have no idea what convinced me to give one a chance, but I did, and it was amazing. I was completely caught off guard by how honest and real they are. Real companies. Real product. Real income, completely honest! We weren’t pulling the wool over innocent victims eyes, and we weren’t robbing grandma blind. We were simply taking the place of the big box stores. People didn’t go to wal-mart to get the product, they came to us, and we made the same profit that wal-mart would. I was 100% wrong about what I thought about them before. Maskcara is my second company I have joined(I had amazing success with the first one, long story on why I don’t do it anymore, feel free to ask), and I am so excited about the future of it.